Let Us Do the Work and Invest For You

Íslandsbanki Private Banking offers a wide range of financial services for people who require the highest level of service and specialization.

Our mission is to offer our customers excellent service and long-term relationships based on their individual preferences. 

The level of service is determined by our customers’ preferences and individual needs. We offer two main categories for our customers to choose from: discretionary asset management and advisory asset management.

Why Private Banking?

1. Trusted Advice

You get great service and trusted advice regarding asset management and savings.

2. We Invest

We invest your savings and try to get the highest return possible.

3. Relax And Enjoy

You relax and enjoy life while we do the work for you.

General Disclaimer

Investments always carry financial risk, and investors should bear in mind the risk of international investments and fluctuations in currency prices and other potential risk factors. It should be noted that past performance is neither an indication nor a guarantee of future performance. Investors' objectives and financial positions can vary. Prospective investors and traders should seek professional advice and look carefully at the diverse investment options and services available. It should be noted that the risk of investment grows where investments are financed using loan capital.

This information is published for information purposes only and should not be regarded as advice or a recommendation as to whether or not to undertake a particular investment, or as an offer to buy, sell or subscribe to any specific financial instruments or services.

While the rules of the Central Bank on Foreign Exchange prohibit investments in instruments denominated in foreign currencies investors can only invest in financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies in the case of re-investments. See further the Rules on foreign exchange on the Central Bank of Iceland's website.

Taxation of pension savings and gains on pension savings is subject to the Act No. 90/2003 on Income Tax and Act No. 45/1987 on Withholding of Public Levies at Source. However, there may also be further taxation. It should be noted that taxation is determined by the relevant individual circumstances of each respective customers and may be subject to change in the future. The final taxation of non-resident unit holders depends on the local tax rules in the jurisdiction where they reside for tax purposes. Investors are advised to seek professional advice and/or information on the taxation of pension savings.